Aragorn ServicesISO-9001 NSAI Certified


Aragorn Services offer a better solution for your entire subcontract electronic requirements.


We are a strong Irish owned company offering a full turnkey service to any potential customer.


Our customers count on us to help them keep their commitments. Their success is our success.


Aragorn Services is committed to delivering a quality service to all our customers. This includes product quality and softer aspects such as communication, capability and value for money. Whether we’re assembling 100 PCB’s or just one, our high standards remain the same.  We work to ensure our customers receive top quality products on time and within budget.


Quality is integrated in the processes so that the end product is compliant to the standards adopted by us. Our quality assurance team monitor, inspect the processes and support continual process improvement. Each process is reviewed frequently, data is evaluated and analysed. This allows us to determine if additional resources, personnel or training is required. Any customer related complaints and issues are also recorded, rectified and fed back to the system as corrective action. Consequently, our customers can be confident that every product is manufactured by the most stringent quality requirements.


Some of our quality assurance features include:

  • ISO 9001:2008 accredited
  • Workmanship to IPC-A-610 standard
  • Total ESD protected assembly area
  • Closed loop corrective action
  • Continuous quality improvement

Why Aragorn Services?

Aragorn Services is a versatile company and work well as a team with all our customers. We combine strong performance with a partnership approach that delivers tangible, bottom line benefits through committing expertise and resources towards customer goals. Our people get the job done in an environment that celebrates collaboration and teamwork. We take the time to understand our customer’s needs, performance expectations, competitive advantage, positioning and strategy – to drive better value. We get involved with our customers at all levels. Inevitably, we become an extension of their business. We can offer a highly personalised service and recognise that each of our customers has individual and sometimes unique requirements.


• Highly skilled workforce
• Strong technical procurement staff
• Modern and fully integrated MRP system
• ISO 9001:2008 accredited
• Workmanship to IPC-A-610 standard
• Customer focused at all times
• Manufacturing flexibility

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